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Born in Japan, now living on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, I am just an average person like anyone else growing up. Did all the things my parents taught me to do and become. Even though I used to have paranormal experiences growing up, I kept it to myself, well..... most times until I started to have certain knowing, sensing and vision. Growing up, there was a sense of that "there is more out there".  More of what I am doing, where I am going, who I need to be, why things happen and when it happens.  Life is so vast. Gazing the moon and the vast ocean of stars ever since I can remember, I knew I have a special place out there in the universe.


QHHT session has shown me that and a sense of "I knew it". Reading Dolores Cannon's books have also given me the validation and the knowing that I felt all these year. After learning what QHHT is and experiencing QHHT, there is no turning back. This is the most profound and eye opening experience I ever had and still experiencing through giving sessions to clients. All the sessions are so beautiful. I have a better understanding on who I am and what I will be doing.  I am a soul reincarnated into this physical body to experience the earthly realm of things and learn the lesson I have chosen to learn in this life, good and bad. These experiences, if learned, will allow me to grow spiritually.  I chose to be here on earth to be the person I need to be, to support and to help those around me. QHHT is a gift that Dolores Cannon has given us and I am forever grateful for her and Julia Cannon for continuing her legacy.

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Session Location: Waipahu, Hawaii 96797