What is BQH?

BQH, Beyond Quantum Healing, developed by Candace Craw-Goldman, is a heart-based modality and focuses upon a creative, energetic approach to assist clients in self healing. Candace Craw-Goldman has worked with Dolores Cannon for many years before developing BQH and created it to be adaptable to be available for online session.  BQH sessions are heart-based, open-minded and open-ended and above all, flexible.

Difference between QHHT & BQH:

Difference between QHHT and BQH is that QHHT is an in-person only session and is a process that allows the Subconscious or the Higher Self at a deepest level to take you to the most appropriate time and place for information that is relevant to your current life. Practitioner is only a facilitator and facilitates in according to the method and technique taught by Dolores Cannon. Once there is a deviation of the method, this session is no longer be called QHHT. BQH, on the other hand, is an open, naturally evolving, and consciousness exploration healing method. Practitioner is allowed to use any of their skills or other modality to help assist client in BQH session with no restriction or limitation. 

Both QHHT and BQH's session outcome are the same, they both provide answers to any questions that you have and provide healings on emotional, physical and mental levels. They are both so big and very quantum. It is very profound and the possibilities are limitless.

Process of BQH

BQH session takes minimum of 3.5 hours and can take up to 5 hours depending on the client.  I will take as much time needed for the session. 


     1. Interview

     2. Water Alchemy 

     3. Session and

     4. Post Discussion.



Talk Story. Discussion on your intention for your session.

Water Alchemy:

Water liquid is consciousness. We will infuse the water with intention for intake.



Using guided visualization, alchemical processes, energy alignments and intention decrees to bring you into a relaxed state to explore consciousness. You will be shown past life, other worldly life or being, energy, other realm, parallel universe etc or simply stillness or nothingness. Be open and just go with the flow. This is so easy. Even nothing is something. Trust, believe and just relax. After experiencing past lives and with your permission, I will ask to contact and speak to your Subconscious, Higher Self, Spirit Team, Ascended Master etc. When the Subconscious comes forward, I will then ask all the questions you prepared and the healing if appropriate during the session.


Post Discussion: 

We will go over the experience you had during the session. You may not be fully aware of all the details of the experience therefore; an audio will be given for you to listen. It is important to review and listen to the audio, as there may be more healing as you listen.


Post Session

BQH is very powerful in that you may receive messages and healing for the next several days after the session. You can also ask addition question that you may have forgotten to ask and your Subconscious may give you the answer in the form of symbol, sign, or dreams. It is best to keep a notepad by your bed or with you to write any thought and insights you have.

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Session Location: Waipahu, Hawaii 96797