QHHT Process

Three-steps process:

     1. Interview

     2. Session and

     3. Post Discussion.



Talk Story. Time to get to know you and your life experiences.



Using guided visualization to put you into Somnambulistic state, you will be shown past life or multiple past lives to get the information that relates to your current life. After experiencing past lives, with your permission, I will ask to contact and speak to your Subconscious. Once the Subconscious comes forward, I will then ask all the questions you prepared and healings if appropriate during the session.


Post Discussion:

We will go over the experience you had during the session. You may not be fully aware of all the details of the experience therefore; an audio will be given for you to listen. It is important to review and listen to the audio, as there may be more healings as you listen.


Post Session

QHHT is very powerful in that you may receive messages and healings for the next several days after the session. You can also ask addition question that you may have forgotten to ask and your Subconscious may give you the answer in the form of symbol, sign, or dreams. It is best to keep a notepad by your bed or with you to write any thought and insights you have.

Contact naomi 

​​Tel: 808-741-7796


Session Location: Waipahu, Hawaii 96797

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